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FloodZero Consulting

Over the years, we have worked with homeowners, large scale property owners, communities, and professionals from almost every field. This includes new and longtime homeowners trying to save money, property developers needing expert consultation, housing communities attempting to improve the lives and safety of their residents, site professionals (engineers, environmentalists, surveyors, etc.) seeking assistance in mitigating flood zone impacts, and sales professionals (realtors, insurance agents, bankers, etc.) looking to help families achieve their dreams. Let us help you save money!

FloodZero began after Randall inadvertently purchased property located in a high-risk flood zone (AKA Special Flood Hazard Area). Being in a high-risk flood zone meant that he would be required to purchase expensive flood insurance for his property. Based on his background in mortgage writing and underwriting, he believed the property had been incorrectly included in the high-risk flood zone. After a significant amount of time and research, Randall was eventually able to convince FEMA of the error and remove the property from the high-risk flood zone. He was also able to cancel his expensive flood insurance, and ultimately save money. During this process, Randall realized that there were likely many other families in the same situation who would not have the time, energy, or interest in learning how to deal with the complexities of FEMA or flood zone issues. He wanted to help other homeowners save money on their properties. As a result, FloodZero was born!

Over the last 15 years, Randall has spent most of his career working in floodplain management and development services. He has used his experience to gradually expand the services offered by FloodZero. Today, FloodZero provides a full range of floodplain management consulting. FloodZero works with clients of all sizes and focuses on a wide range of FEMA and flood zone issues.

Randall E. Vogel, ESQ, MPA, CFM

My name is Randall Vogel. I am an attorney, a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM), and the founding member of FloodZero Consulting. I hold degrees in Law, Psychology, and Public Administration. In addition to FloodZero, I have had successful careers in a diverse array of private and public sector fields, including government law, finance, mortgage underwriting, development review, customer service, and floodplain management. I also serve as the Governance Chair for a statewide nonprofit. This diverse experience provides the basis for FloodZero.

Originally, I felt that my experience and education allowed me to understand and anticipate the unique challenges that my clients faced relating to FEMA flood zones. And then came law school! Everything I thought I knew changed. Because I went to law school later in life, I continued to work full-time. This meant that my professional experience influenced everything I learned in school. The more I learned, the more I realized how effective my newly found education and my years of diverse experience could be together. Since completing law school, I have attempted to position FloodZero Consulting as a One Stop Flood Zone Shop. My goal for FloodZero is to provide flood zone and floodplain management services that will save my clients time and money by cutting through the fog of FEMA regulations. If FloodZero gets involved, you can be confident that you are in good hands.

Randall Vogel, owner of FloodZero Consulting.